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Robert Goldberg

Investment Advisor, Toronto Office

Robert Goldberg began his career as an Investment Advisor at Burns Fry Limited in 1980. Drawing upon his previous background, training, and experience as a commodity trader, it was at Burns Fry that Robert transitioned into the investment world as a retail-client advisor for stocks, bonds and money market instruments.

Robert’s career has specialized and continues to focus upon monitoring and evaluating the macro and micro economic trends of the investment world, as well as upon developing technologies. This information is used to guide all of his clients to better understand, appreciate and profitably utilize the evolutionary and revolutionary forces that swirl around us in their trading of equity and fixed income investments.

Having founded an independent, self-clearing IIROC Member Firm in 1992, Robert has been highly involved in the development of investment regulation for the past two decades, acquiring a deep and extensive knowledge of the investment industry and banking infrastructure in both Canada and the US. His breadth and detailed knowledge and understanding of industry structure, policy, operational process and investment dynamics has been a continuing benefit to his clients in their equity and fixed income strategies and trading.

Throughout his career in the investment industry, Robert has also been deeply involved in the design, development, and implementation of software underpinning client/broker relationships, as well as in creating fully automated clearing and settlement systems for all forms of security transactions. Robert continues to apply this highly unique and extensive knowledge of the investment industry process to the advantage and support of his clients’ trading decisions.

As an Investment Advisor at Caldwell Securities Ltd., Robert draws upon his multi-faceted and unique career in the investment industry to provide high quality insight and advice regarding equity and fixed income investments, as well as to ensure every client undertakes and receives thoughtful, efficient, and timely trades.