Our Approach

Managing Your Risk

We do not finance companies, nor do we participate in new issue underwriting. Our only objective is to help our clients find the best companies in which to invest their money.
We do not engage in principal trading, and act only as agent for our clients to ensure they get the best price for their investment dollar.
To reduce risk, our fixed income portfolios only use government guaranteed bonds. At Caldwell our clients are our first and our only priority.


Our Investing Principles

You worked hard to earn your money. At Caldwell, we believe successfully preserving and building your wealth rests on a few simple principles:

  • Investing is a marathon, not a 100-yard dash.
  • Time in the market is more important than market timing.
  • Quell emotions before making investment decisions.
  • Challenging economic times can lead to profitable  investing opportunities.
  • Invest only in quality.
  • Never borrow to invest.
  • Invest steadily and regularly over time.
  • Your most important decision is to choose an Investment Advisor who puts you first.
    At Caldwell, this is our highest priority.