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National Instrument 24-101
Trade-Matching Statement

To: All trade-matching parties providing trade orders to,
Acting on behalf of, or executing a trade with:
Caldwell Securities Ltd.

This Trade-Matching Statement is being provided in accordance with National Instrument 24-101 – “Institutional Trade Matching and Settlement” and Companion Policy 24-101CP (this “National Instrument”).

It applies to all trades that are subject to the National Instrument.

We confirm that we have established, maintain and enforce policies and procedures designed to achieve matching in accordance with the National Instrument.

Sally Haldenby Haba
Vice President


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Under the rules, Caldwell Securities Ltd (“Caldwell”) must make reasonable efforts to ensure clients achieve the most
advantageous execution terms reasonably available under the circumstances when executing transactions on behalf of
a client, considering factors such as execution price, speed of execution, liquidity, price improvement opportunities,
certainty of execution and overall cost of the transaction.

Caldwell has established practices in accordance with Best Execution and Order Protection regulations such as
Canadian Investment Regulatory Organization (“CIRO”) Universal Market Integrity Rule (“UMIR”)5.1,
Dealer Member Rule 3300 and National Instrument 23-101, Parts 4 and 6.

Caldwell pursues the execution of each order as expeditiously as practicable under prevailing market conditions.
Orders are routed to the marketplace that will provide the best execution.

Structure of the Canadian Equity Market

There are currently several marketplaces in Canada for the trading of listed securities, including traditional exchanges
and Alternative Trading Systems (“ATS”). The exchange where a company’s stock is listed is referred to as the
“primary listing marketplace” for that stock. Market makers may be appointed by an exchange in order to provide a
two-sided market for a security on a continuous basis. Exchanges set requirements governing the conduct of
marketplace participants.

Equity exchanges in Canada used by Caldwell where quotes are protected under current Canadian Order Protection
Rules, include:

  • The Toronto Stock Exchange (“TSX”);
  • The TSX Venture Exchange (“TSXV”);
  • The TSX Alpha Exchange;
  • The Canadian Securities Exchange (“CSE”); and
  • NEO Exchange (“NEO”).

ATS provide automated trading systems to bring together orders from buyers and sellers of securities which are listed
on other marketplaces (e.g. exchanges). Unlike an exchange, ATS do not provide directly, or through one or more
subscribers, a guarantee of a two-sided market for a security on a continuous or reasonably continuous basis, do not
set requirements governing subscriber conduct, and do not discipline subscribers beyond exclusion from
participation. ATS used by Caldwell where quotes are protected under current Canadian Order Protection Rules

  • Nasdaq CXC;
  • Nasdaq CX2 (formerly CHI-X Canada);
  • Omega ATS/ Lynx ATS;
  • Pure Trading (operated by CSE);
  • Liquidnet Canada;
  • CanDeal;

Dark Pools, which are a form of ATS, are private exchanges not accessible by the investing public. They primarily
facilitate block trading by institutional investors who do not wish to impact markets with large orders, though some
have expanded to include orders of all sizes. Often used to protect proprietary trading information, they are used to
take advantage of possible price improvement for liquidity seeking orders (typically smaller sized orders) and
potentially incur lower trading fees. In some cases, Dark Pools enable dealers to internalize order flow. They are
referred to as “dark” due to the lack of transparency, as there is no order-book visible and trade details are released
after a delay. The lack of transparency has the opportunity to work in favour of obtaining a better realized price than
through an exchange when there is limited liquidity on the exchange of a particular issue of securities.

Dark pools may be broker-dealer owned, agency broker or exchange owned or electronic market makers. In Canada,
they are generally regulated as an ATS, and are registered dealers with CIRO. Examples of ones used only
occasionally by Caldwell include:

  • LP MatchNow (TriAct Canada);

Best Execution Factors

Caldwell considers price (bid and ask), speed, certainty of execution, overall cost of the transaction and any other
factor relevant to the execution of the order.

Caldwell uses an electronic Smart Order Router (“SOR”) to direct all Canadian equity orders in seeking best
execution and order protection. The SOR seeks the best price across all Exchanges and visible ATS simultaneously,
filling as much of the order as possible. Best execution is determined by the consolidated market view or by other
price discovery mechanisms, whether the security trades on a listed marketplace or whether it trades Over the Counter
(“OTC”). Unfilled portions are booked on the Default Exchange, which for Caldwell, is the TSX, as it has the
highest volume of orders in its book.

The SOR is programmed with parameters to seek the best possible outcome in consideration of prevailing market
conditions, the size of the order, the specific security and liquidity. In the case of a sell, the SOR will route order to
the marketplace with the highest bid price, while in the case of a purchase, to the marketplace with the lowest ask

In seeking best execution, the SOR may break the order into multiple smaller orders, sending each to multiple
execution venues either in parallel or in sequence, in keeping with client instructions on the handling of the order.

In the event not all marketplaces are available for trading, or the SOR is unavailable or limited, orders received are
directed to the Default Marketplace or to ATS as determined by the circumstances in the marketplace at the time,
consistent with the client best interest and the obligation to seek the most advantageous execution terms reasonably
available in the circumstances.

In the event trading on a particular security has been halted in a particular marketplace, all orders for that security will
be halted and will remain in that marketplace until the halt has been lifted.

In respect of US equities, Caldwell does not have direct access to exchanges or ATS. Instead, Caldwell will direct
orders to one of a couple of US broker dealer intermediaries for execution. Such intermediaries also use SORs and
are subject to the same requirements as they relate to best execution.

Hours of Operation for Trading in Canadian Listed Securities

Caldwell trading staff and systems are available for order execution between 9:30 am EST and 4:00 pm EST (“Hours
of Operation”), Monday through Friday, excluding Canadian statutory holidays. Staff may be available outside of
marketplace hours; however, trade execution outside of the Hours of Operation is treated on a best efforts basis.

Standard Handling of Orders

Immediately executable orders received for Canadian listed securities are routed to the marketplace with the best bid
or offer and the remainder, if any, residing on the default marketplace.


An order received prior to Default Marketplace opening (9:30AM EST) will be routed in the SOR to book to the preopening of the Default Marketplace defined for that security for execution upon opening, in accordance with the
Default Marketplace calculated opening price protocol.

Continuous Session

Active orders, defined as any portion of a market order or a limit price order which is immediately tradable based on
current market conditions, received during the Hours of Operation, will be routed by the SOR to the marketplace with
the best price at the time of execution.

The SOR evaluates all Exchanges and visible ATS for best price when executing active orders.

Passive orders, defined as the unfilled balance of an active order or any limit price order which is not immediately
executable, received during the Hours of Operation, are booked to the Default Marketplace for that security where it
will remain until filled, changed, expired or cancelled. Changes to an outstanding order, or portion of an outstanding
order, will be handled in the same manner as a new order received, with an active order re-evaluated for best price
execution across all Exchanges and visible ATS, and a passive order booked to the Default Marketplace for that


Orders received after the Default Marketplace closing (4:00 PM EST) will be queued in the SOR for routing to the
pre-opening of the Default Marketplace on the following business day.

Order Execution

Certain types of orders have specific handling implications in a multiple marketplace environment. These have been
addressed as follows:

Day Orders

A Day Order is an order only valid for the day it is entered (between the marketplace hours) and handled as per the
“Standard Handling of Orders” noted above. Any unfilled portion of a Day Order will expire at the close of business
of the marketplace where the order was last entered.

Good Until Cancel or Good Through Orders

Good Until Cancel orders are orders that will remain open until filled, cancelled or they expire. Caldwell will, at the
end of each month, cancel any open Good Until Cancel orders. The system used by Caldwell will also only permit
such order to be open for a maximum of 90 days. The SOR will route any immediately unfilled portion of these
orders to the Default Marketplace if they are not immediately executable at the time of entry. These orders will
remain booked until executed, cancelled, changed or expired, whichever comes first.

Market Orders

A Market Order is an order to buy or sell a security immediately, at the best available price at the time the order is
entered. Market Orders are routed with priority when received. In cases of extreme market volatility or liquidity
imbalance, as a result of their being tagged with speed as a priority, a market order may trade at a price which is
significantly different than the expected execution price.

Investors are advised to use aggressively priced limit orders in place of market orders to reduce the risk of the order
trading at a price outside of a preconceived ‘acceptable’ range. Any unfilled portion of a Market Order will expire at
the close of business of the marketplace where the order was active.

Limit Orders

A Limit Order is an order for a security at a specific minimum sale price or maximum purchase price that is not to be
exceeded, which on the one hand provides control over the execution price but on the other, reduces the certainty of
execution. Limit Orders will be handled in the priority they are received.

It is possible for a limit order to miss the opportunity to buy or to sell a stock in a fast moving market. Aggressively
priced limit orders, meaning an order with a higher/lower price than the prevailing offer/bid price, will trade much
like a market order, increasing the certainty of execution without the risk of the order trading at a price outside of a
predetermined ‘acceptable’ range.

Any unfilled portion of a Limit Order will expire at the close of business of the marketplace where the order was

Factors Considered to Achieve Best Execution Price is the cornerstone of best execution; however, there are
additional factors that may also be relevant in achieving best execution for our clients.

Certain execution factors may be more important than others given a particular situation, asset class, or client. CSI
considers the following broad factors within its best execution policies and procedures on handling client orders:

  • Price
  • Speed of execution
  • Certainty of execution
  • Overall cost of the transaction, when costs are passed on to clients

CSL also considers the following factors which are more specific considerations of the above broad factors:

  • Direction of the market for the security
  • Depth of the posted market
  • Last sale price and the prices and volumes of previous trades
  • Size of the spread
  • Liquidity of the security

Specific Client Instructions - Where clients provide specific instructions for order execution, CSL will endeavor to
execute the order in accordance with the client instructions on a best-efforts basis, while adhering to market conduct
rules, regulatory requirements, and securities laws. Our regulatory and legal obligations as executing broker may
prevent client instructions from being met.

Foreign Order Execution

CSL would consider executing on a foreign exchange if specific instructions are received from our client. CSL
considers the following when handling foreign orders: speed of execution, opportunity costs of losing better priced
fills for delays, and exposure to fluctuations in the FX rate and settlement risk. CSL may also consider trading on a
foreign market if we feel the client could benefit from trading through a cross border best priced algorithm.

Orders executed outside of Canada will be executed through an intermediary broker. These orders will be required to
be executed in accordance with local rules and regulations applicable to the executing broker and may result in the
executing broker applying different criteria to the assessment of execution quality. The executing broker may also
have acted as principal or agent and may have derived compensation from the transaction. Stamp fees and/or foreign
levies may be passed along to clients for execution into these foreign markets. CSL’s intermediary broker(s) attests
that their policies and procedures, and those of their foreign intermediaries are reasonably designed to attain best

Over-The-Counter Securities

Over-the-counter (“OTC”) securities, for the purpose of best execution under Rule 3300, refers to securities that are
not executed on a marketplace. For CSL, these would unlisted securities and private unlisted issuers. In accordance
with CIRO Rule 3300, CSL must make reasonable efforts to ensure that client trades in OTC securities are executed
at prices that are fair and reasonable in relation to prevailing market conditions. When determining best execution, the
price, as well as any commission or mark-up are considered in the client’s over-all price. Some of the pricing sources
used to determine fair price may include information from: valid electronic trading platforms, outside liquidity
providers, general canvass of various sources (i.e. clients, sales people, dealers, issuers) etc.

Special Terms Orders

Special Terms Orders are orders with specific terms that are not executable in the regular marketplace. Special Terms
Orders will only post to the Special Terms Market of the primary listing Exchange, unless they are immediately
executable on an alternative marketplace at the time of entry. Any unfilled portion of a Special Terms Order will
expire at the close of the primary listing Exchange.

Stop Loss Orders (Canadian Markets)

Stop Loss Orders are orders that become Market Orders or Limit Orders when a standard trading unit (referred to as a
board lot) trades at or superior to the stop price on the marketplace in which the order has been booked. Stop Loss
Orders are booked to the primary listing Exchange.

A Stop Loss market order is filled at the best available market price once the stop price is activated. However, if the
order enters the market when the stock or overall market is experiencing dramatic fluctuations including rapid
declines, an investor may receive a price that is much different than expected.

Caldwell does not encourage the use of Stop Loss limits. Stop Loss orders received notwithstanding, are reviewed by
the Head Trader to ensure the size of the order is not at a level that would result in market volatility should the On
Stop price be activated.


A cross trade refers to a situation where Caldwell receives an order to buy and an order to sell the same security and
approximately the same time. Internal or intentional crosses are recorded on the market at the midway price between
the bid and ask at the time the orders are received.

Disclosure of Marketplace

Trade confirmations state that an order has been executed on one or more marketplaces or alternative marketplaces.
Client may contact their Investment Advisor for further details regarding which marketplace or alternative
marketplace a trade was executed.

The information contained herein is current as of May 1, 2022


Caldwell may use the following intermediaries:

  • IRESS and CANDEAL to execute trades in equities, fixed income and U.S. options
  • ITG, Pershing, Cowen, Citadel and Dash to use their algorithmic trading platform and execution in US Markets
  • ITG and ITS for Canada Execution
  • Pershing for accessing other foreign markets
  • FHN, RBC, National Bank, CIBC, BMO and Scotia for Fixed Income

Client orders may be subject to the order handling and routing practices of the intermediaries Caldwell Securities
connects to. Caldwell Securities has reviewed our intermediaries order routing practices and are satisfied that they are
reasonably designed to achieve best execution.


Caldwell may pay marketplace fees or receive rebates when routing certain orders to certain marketplaces. The costs
associated with the fees paid or the amounts of compensation received will not be passed on to the client. Routing
decisions are not based on fees paid or payments received.

This disclosure has been modified since the prior posted disclosure (dated May 31, 2019) for the purposes of
providing increased transparency regarding:

  • the marketplaces Caldwell’s Smart Order Routing (“SOR”) technology references,
  • the SOR handling practices by order type, and how the SOR achieves best execution

Disclosure of Conflict of Interest

Urbana Corporation is a related entity of CSL, and owns 49% of the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE).


May 2022


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Except as otherwise permitted or required by applicable law or regulation, we will only retain your personal information for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes we collected it for, including for the purposes of satisfying any legal, accounting, or reporting requirements. When you open an account with us, most information you provide is required to be retained for at least seven years from the date you close your account.

Under some circumstances we may anonymize your personal information so that it can no longer be associated with you. We reserve the right to use such anonymous and de-identified data for any legitimate business purpose without further notice to you or your consent.


It is important that the personal information we hold about you is accurate and current. Please keep us informed if your personal information changes. By law you have the right to request access to and to correct the personal information that we hold about you. You may receive a copy of the personal information we have on file at minimal or no cost to you by contacting our privacy officers listed below.

If you want to review, verify, correct, or withdraw consent to the use of your personal information you may contact us using the contact information set out below. We may not accommodate a request to change information if we believe the change would violate any law or legal requirement or cause the information to be incorrect.

We may request specific information from you to help us confirm your identity and your right to access, and to provide you with the personal information that we hold about you or make your requested changes. Applicable law may allow or require us to refuse to provide you with access to some or all of the personal information that we hold about you, or we may have destroyed, erased, or made your personal information anonymous in accordance with our record retention obligations and practices. If we cannot provide you with access to your personal information, we will inform you of the reasons why, subject to any legal or regulatory restrictions.


We may update this privacy policy from time to time to reflect changes in our privacy practices and will post revised disclosure to our website ( Changes are effective immediately and you are to periodically review the privacy policy to see whether it has changed.

To ensure you receive important notices from us, you are responsible for providing us an up-to-date, active, and deliverable email address for you, and for periodically visiting our Website and this privacy policy to check for any changes.


We welcome your questions, comments, and requests regarding this privacy policy and our privacy practices.

Privacy Officer: Sally Haldenby-Haba

150 King Street West Suite 1710 Toronto ON M5H 1J9

Telephone: 416-862-7755 Fax: 416-862-9438


We have procedures in place to receive and respond to complaints or inquiries about our handling of personal information, our compliance with our policy, and with applicable privacy laws. To discuss our compliance with our policy please contact one of our Privacy Officers using the contact information listed above.

In the event you find our proposed solutions unacceptable, you may escalate your complaint to the regulators directly:

The Privacy Commission of Canada
112 Kent Street Ottawa,
Ontario K1A 1H3
Phone: 613-995-8210 or 1-800-282-1376