Our Values

Mission Statement:

“To deliver a consistently positive investment experience to our clients. We develop innovative products and provide personalized service to make this a reality.”


Vision Statement:

“To become the most important independent investment firm in Canada.”




Our clients come first, period. This is why we consistently provide exceptional client experiences and quality of service. We take pride in knowing our clients and applying our products, services, and expertise in a way that fits their life, family and business. We set clear goals and focus on speed and quality in reaching our clients, we aim for flawless delivery, and when we are wrong, we learn from our mistakes. The quality of our people and excellence of our operations lead to distinctive outcomes and outputs for our clients.


We always put ourselves in our client’s shoes and ask ourselves “What is important to our clients?” We are reliable, accountable and take personal responsibility for our actions, results and inactions. It is important for us to keep promises and commitments that we make to our clients and others in our business dealings. After every action, we learn from “out outcomes” and assess “What worked? and What didn’t work?” And what initiatives can we take to make a “better work and better life” a daily reality. We take pride in our ownership of our actions and stand by our own results. Our entrepreneurial environment allows us to learn quickly from success and failure, after we act upon opportunities. We take pride and partnership in our decisions and actions.


We constantly seek accomplishments; however, we would rather build upon them in our personal wellness and professional journey. We strive to be the best we can be and set new challenges and standards in our industry. Because we put ourselves in our client’s shoes, we know the sense of urgency in dealing with our clients and the fact that they rely upon us for our expertise. We are performance oriented advocates in the investment industry, always learning and growing to represent our clients with innovative advice.

Ethics & Integrity

Ethics, morals and integrity are important to our staff. We treat people in a respectful, positive and dignified manner that acknowledges them for who they are and/or what they are doing. Respect guides our interactions with each other, with our clients and key stakeholders. A climate of open communication, honesty and trust allows us to make smart, deliberate decisions with the utmost integrity at all times. It is the core of everything that we do and shapes our corporate culture and reputation.


Our past certainly proves that we can be innovative and be the first to come up with an idea. We are independent, which allows us to seek out ideas for delivering improvements in everything that we do. We focus on achieving results while finding solutions. We harness the considerable talents, experience and knowledge of our people as we aim to achieve the extraordinary.